Viners Launches Colourful Ardesia Ceramic Knife Blocks

Ardesia Ceramic Knife BlocksViners of Sheffield have introduced new Ardesia ceramic Knife Blocks, which are available in four lively colours.

The knives are intended for beginners as well as seasoned chefs, to bring both fun and precision to cooking.

The Ardesia Knives are contained in a collective block with three best quality and practical kitchen knives for peeling, slicing and chopping meat, fruit, fish and vegetables; the highly efficient ceramic blades are lighter and sharper than steel and have a thin edge that makes cutting considerably easier.

In addition the use of ceramic material guarantees that the knives wont rust or absorb food flavours or colours, thus ensuring the greatest hygiene.

The Ardesia Knife Block is priced at £45 and available in Purple, Teal, Red or Orange; the set includes a 3inch Paring Knife, 4inch Utility Knife and a 5inch Slicing Knife.

Ardesia Knife BlockFor more than 100 years Viners has been gracing UK tables, providing an enormous range of quality kitchen products for every cooking and dining occasion.

Visit the website for more information and to see the complete collection of Viners’ kitchen knife blocks.

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