Lakeland Launches New And Exclusive Ceramic Kitchen Knives

New & Exclusive Lakeland Ceramic Knives

Lakeland the leading UK kitchenware specialist, has launched new and exclusive ceramic kitchen knives.

These fine-looking knives boast black mirror-polished blades that slice with precision and will maintain their cutting edge far longer than conventional forged steel knives and will rarely, if ever, need sharpening.

  • Made from zirconium ceramic, which is second only to diamond in durability, they will not rust, or brown fruit or vegetables and are delightfully lightweight to handle.
  • Each one is decorated with the Chinese symbol for ceramic along the blade and comes with its own protective sheath.
  • One super-thinly sliced tomato is all it will take to convert you to ceramic knives!

New & Exclusive Lakeland Ceramic Knife Range
Santoku Knife, Ref 16294, £25.99.
Serrated Knife, Ref 16293, £29.99.
Chef’s Knife, Ref 16292, £27.99.
Slicing Knife, Ref 16291, £19.99.
Utility Knife, Ref 16288, £14.99.
Paring Knife, Ref 16290, £11.99.
Scissors, Ref 16296, £24.99.
Peeler, Ref 16297, £3.99.

Also available is a 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Block, Ref 16295, £49.99.

Lakeland a family owned and run business based in Windermere,
offers a range of over 4000 products from quality kitchen utensils and storage containers, to liquorice!
Their products are available from 58 stores nationwide and also by mail order and online.

For more information on Lakeland’s new and exclusive range of ceramic kitchen knives, or to find your nearest store, please visit the website.

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