The Versatile UNOWHY QOOQ Culinary Tablet Launched In English

UNOWHY the French company, has introduced an English version of the versatile QOOQ – the only culinary tablet computer designed for kitchen use.

The UNOWHY tablet comes loaded with 1,000 worldwide multimedia recipes, ingredient facts and handy tools for meal planning, to help cookery enthusiasts in the kitchen.

The QOOQ tablet gives users an interface with top chefs, enabling them to learn about every stage of their favourite dishes and help them to progress their talents.

The tablet becomes a cookery coach, allowing users from any , to learn from several European leading chefs, such as Michelin-starred chef Emmanuel Renaut of Le Flocon de Sel restaurant in Megève (south-east France).

The pre-loaded international recipes can be accessed by difficulty level, cuisine type, ingredients and preparation time, to help customise the cooking experience for the chef in the kitchen.

Users can also purchase additional recipes, by pressing a button; these are available in themed packs or individually on such topics , a specific chef, an objective or an ingredient. There is a choice of over 4,000 unique multimedia recipes created for QOOQ, by over 100 chefs.

The recipes are presented in a progressive interactive style, to make an assortment of dishes via HD video, text and photos.Detailed explanations are given by chefs at every stage of recipe preparation, from ingredient selection to final presentation:

The user controls the video speed that can be paused, when accessing separate tutorials explaining particular culinary techniques.

Hundreds of fact sheets on ingredients are also provided, to assist in choosing individual products, including how they should be kept and cooked.

The recipe pages specify the calories a dish contains for the health conscious,while the meal planner enables users to vary and monitor their diets.

Users can also create their culinary profile to store personal information, like allergy details, so that the QOOQ tablet can suggest recipes for individual needs and tastes.

The Need Inspiration facility offers users ideas for dishes, with regard to calorie, time, or produce restraints.

The tablet’s personalised features, permits users to add their own recipes, share with friends, organize weekly menus plus shopping lists and adjust quantities of ingredients, for the numbers of people having the meal.

Additional features include:

  • A foldaway stand, integrated timer, stereo speakers, rechargeable battery, USB 2.0 ports, 8GB memory, an SDHC or SD memory card.
  • Web browsing via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, email and social media access and radio stations online.
  • A built-in MP3 and video player, weather application and a photo-album function.

The 10-inch QOOQ tablet is available in black, red and cream and retails at £289, or buy direct from the QOOQ website.

For more detailed information about UNOWHY’s new multimedia culinary tablet in English, visit the website.

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