The Pyrex Multi Cook Is A Multi-Functional Addition For The Kitchen

Pyrex MulticookIntroducing the new Pyrex Multi Cook   – which makes an ideal addition to the kitchen, as this product is multi-functional, since it can be used in cooking the main course, as well as the pudding, then just stacked away – thus minimising clutter, but making the most of creativity.

The inspired design of the Multi Cook, enables the cooking of the main course in the steamer or casserole dish, whilst baking a cake with the other pieces simultaneously, making the process of preparing a meal more organised and efficient.

The number of elements used when making meals is also reduced, so that you are always in control, whether you are catering for dinner party guests, or just setting up your nightly supper.

Multi cook includes five pieces made in 3 different materials, thus enabling a variety of uses and combinations. The product can also be stacked to a height of just 16cm, making it ideal for the smaller kitchen.

Every Multi Cook has a vitro-ceramic casserole that is compatible with hobs of any type, except for induction and resists great temperatures as high as 300°c to as low as -40°c.

Therefore, a casserole dish can be moved directly from the freezer to an oven or onto the hob, without first having to be returned to room temperature.

The Pyrex Multi Cook is also supplied with a silicone lid, made from non-stick and flexible material that permits reheating and cooking using either the microwave or the oven The lid also facilitates the creation of a vacuum to preserve food while in the freezer or refrigerator.

The Multi Cook is visually pleasing with a combination of red, white and clear elements, so that it also looks attractive on the dining room table.

This product is also ideal for getting meals ready for defrosting, batch cooking, or reheating if necessary, enabling you to quickly make something tasty, following a hard day at work.

Priced from £49.99, the Pyrex Multi Cook is now available from stockists throughout the UK.

For further information on the complete Pyrex kitchenware collection, visit the website.

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