Teka – The Pulse Electronic Tap

 Teka - The Pulse Electronic Tap The Pulse, Teka’s first electronic mixer tap, is at the forefront of modern tap technology. Its ultramodern shape creates a profile of gentle curves and straight lines lending the sink area a futuristic appeal.

Available in a chrome finish, the rounded spout of the Pulse has integrated electronic controls, for simple one handed temperature adjustment and flow regulation.

The slim border around the electronic controls illuminates to indicate water temperature. Graduating from blue for cold water to red for hot water this feature is both eye-catching and functional.

The versatility of the Pulse tap is evident, in its ability to be used either as a standard mixer tap or as a spray tap.

The pull down shower-head is equipped with 2 sprays for practical directional spray for all rinsing and cleaning requirements. The Pulse spray head then fits neatly back into place.

The Pulse is easy to install with a simple transformer and comes complete with an emergency battery in the event of a power failure.

The Pulse is manufactured to Teka’s consistently high standards and since its introduction in Europe, it has proved to be hugely popular, leading to Teka’s decision to launch the tap into the UK market.


The Teka Group’s business areas span domestic and professional equipment for the kitchen and bathroom, stainless steel storage containers and electronics.

In kitchens, Teka numbers among the leading sink and built-in appliance brands, manufacturing high quality home appliances, commercial equipment and kitchen sinks, i.e. can fit your kitchen from end to end with Teka brand equipment.

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