Rosendahl’s Handsome Ole Palsby’s Thermos Jug

Rosendahl’s Handsome Ole Palsby’s Thermos JugYou never tire of Ole Palsby’s no-compromise approach to function.

Just take the handsome Thermos Jug that he and Rosendahl are launching in the Opus range; a completely no-fuss jug; its clean, confident styling almost radiates the message: “I am for coffee and that’s it”.

Initially, of course, it is Ole Palsby’s styling that is so easy on the eye and tells the brain what you are looking at – the new Opus Thermos Jug.

But then there are the details:

  • The round stopper protrudes at just the right height above the large opening.
    The spout is classic and characteristic of the kind of spout that drips the least.
    The relatively small handle is very well proportioned in relation to the jug and yet sufficiently large to provide a good grip.
    When you get tired of just looking and reach out to touch the jug, your hand encounters the most gorgeous sensation; the soft-coated surface feels like velvet and is so tactile that you find yourself caressing the rounded sides of the jug.
    The jug is available in black or blue and the no-fuss interior is equipped with a robust glass insert, with insulating properties that are every bit as brilliant as the exterior is elegant.

The Opus Thermos Jug retails at £44.95.

Tel: (01252) 377 900

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