Rosendahl’s Grand Cru Moves Into The Kitchen

Rosendahl’s Grand Cru Moves Into The Kitchen Having graced our dining table for years, Rosendahl’s Grand Cru range is now moving into the kitchen, with the launch of a sharp and elegant range of kitchen knives.

Grand Cru Kitchen Knives – The Grand Cru range has now expanded to include a beautiful range of Kitchen knives – with cutting-edge blades and cutting-edge design.

The design of the knives pays homage to Nordic tradition, where the distinctiveness of the design, plays a discreet part in the function of the item; thus, the familiar grooves of the range serve as a design feature, but they also help to ensure a good grip of the shaft of the knife.

The range includes the Kitchen knife, Bread knife, Chopping knife, Universal knife and Paring knife, as well as a simple, stylish Knife Magnet, which provides attractive and practical storage for the knives.

  • Prices are as follows:
    Chef’s knife £64.00.
    Breadknife £64.00.
    Chopper knife £64.00.
    All purpose knife £49.95.
    Paring Knife £30.95.
    Magnetic Knife Holder £65.00.

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