Purple Is Brabantia’s Latest Trendy Colourway

 SecurityCAM Ltd Offers A “Best Protection Guarantee” Brabantia is going for purple, as its latest trendy colourway, for their Get Together tableware, as well as coloured kitchen bins and corkscrews – they feel that there’s something deeply reassuring about the colour, a hue that exudes luxury, quality and success.

Or possibly it’s the warmth it produces that is so appealing, especially in the depths of winter when it’s cold and wet outside.

Purple is proving to be an extremely popular interiors look right now, so Brabantia has introduced the colour to a number of products in its collection this season.

Get Together
Brabantia’s important announcement this year was its launch of a complete tabletop collection for casual dining called Get Together.

The range features three contemporary colourways – purple. white and grey, as well as a range of materials – porcelain, stainless steel, wood, textiles and tactile silicon, making it effortless to ‘mix and match’ the colours, shapes and materials, to achieve the right look for your table.

  • Featured here for Breakfast – a wooden party plate, purple table runner, porcelain bowl, silicon and steel egg cup, coffee mug, napkin ring, napkins and candleholders.

From dinner plates to breakfast bowls, cappuccino cups to tea mugs and even oven dishes to serving platters, there are 56 items to choose from, so no matter what the occasion, you’ll be confident serving any meal with this first-rate porcelain tableware. Prices start from £3.50 for a purple Dip Server.

The Get Together collection also offers a wide selection of fine quality textiles including table linen and towels. Tablecloths, runners, napkins, kitchen and tea towels Etc. are all available in the three co-ordinating colours. Prices start from £5.95 for a purple napkin.

A modern-look set of cutlery (24-piece) in brushed steel is offered, as are a selection of serving spoons, salad servers and a cake server.
Flatware prices range from £11.50 for a cake server to £69.95 for a 24-piece set.

Brabantia has brought together a collection of 24 stylish accessories. Stainless steel salt or pepper mills and crushers, napkin rings, candle holders and serving bowls Etc.
Price for a purple egg cup with matt steel dish, £10.95.

To view the complete Brabantia Get Together collection, please visit the website.

Tel: (0845) 602 4877 for stockists.

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