Prepare Oysters Safely With Pott’s Marisco & Glove

Prepare Oysters Safely With PottOysters are one of the great pleasures for true epicureans, but they are one of the most complex foods to get at – and all too often minor or worse accidents happen.

The task is almost easy and much safer with these novel tools from Pott:

The Oyster Chucker, Marisco, is a knife specifically designed for opening oysters and the stainless steel glove will keep you safe doing so; the glove is in meshed stainless steel with a fixture on the wrist to prevent it sliding down. The glove is reversible and fits on either the left or right hand.

How to Chuck an oyster:

  • Hold the Marisco knife in your strongest hand and put the glove on the other; pick up an oyster in the gloved hand, with the curved side down and the narrow end towards you.
  • Insert the oyster knife in the hinge at the narrow end and wiggle it about from left to right; press quite hard and eventually the hinge will give way, allowing you to lift the flat top shell by twisting the knife upward.
  • Slide the knife along the underside of the flat shell to cut the ligament that connects to the oyster and remove top shell.
  • Keeping the bottom shell level so as not to spill the juice, remove any bits of shell, then cut underneath the oyster to release it, so the flesh will slide off easily when the shell is tilted.
  • Arrange the oysters in their half shells in the stainless steel Oyster bowl over crushed ice.

The Oyster Glove comes in two sizes and retails at £152.20.
Marisco Oyster knife retails at £111.10; Stainless Steel Oyster bowl for 12 oysters including stand, retails at £119.30.
Tabletop bowls for 6 oysters retail at £42.80 and for 3 oysters at £34.60. Oyster spoon retails at £26.40.


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