Nespresso Launches The U – Its New Adaptable Espresso Machine

The Nestle Nespresso U Machine

Nestle Nespresso has launched U – its latest innovative machine, to offer coffee enthusiasts all over the world a pure design, plus more simplicity and personalisation.

Nespresso has made sure that its original idea, to allow coffee lovers to make at home their ideal cup of espresso much simpler, by designing U – the ultra modern machine that can be adjusted to fit you and your daily life.

Distinctive design

The U presents a clever, component design that changes its shape to suit present-day living spaces, whilst its progressive technology delivers a supreme coffee again and again and a delight to use and show off:

  • U presents a curved, adaptable form and offers the most modular coffee device to date, able to adapt to all ways of life:
  • Its tactile centre remembers your ideal cup size and is already programmed with the standard Espresso, Ristretto, and Lungo sizes.
  • It has a rounded, adaptable water tank, which effortlessly slides into position, to go well with your interior arrangement and fit easily into a given space.
  • The built in cup support is designed to take short or long drinks, enabling you to configure the machine to suit your mood and favourite coffee customs.
  • U is compact in shape and heats up in just 25 seconds; automatic brewing ensures the coffee making begins immediately you drop in your Nespresso capsule and stops automatically as required.
  • This instantaneous cut-off makes it a really clean machine by automatically stopping drips and expelling the capsule.
  • The body is also eco-friendly as it consists of more than 30% of recycled material and automatically switches Off, if inactive after 9 minutes.

The U is available in four modest colours including, Pure Orange, Pure Cream, Pure Grey and Pure Black; it has a soft-touch finish with stylish curved edges and has the Nespresso signature imprinted on the sides.

Pricing and Availability

The U is available in Nespresso boutiques and from selected trade partners from September 2012. Priced at £119.

For more information and to see Nestle Nespresso’s innovative U Nespresso machine please visit the new Nestle Nespresso corporate website.

Tel: (0800) 442 442

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