Menu’s New ‘Retro Feel’ Tea And Coffee Pots

Menu’s New ‘Retro Feel’ Tea and Coffee PotsThe past meets the present in Menu’s new version of the classic porcelain coffee pot, which has become a fully modern cafetiere.

At first glance, Menu’s new cafetiere looks similar to the porcelain coffee pots of the past, but closer examination reveals an untraditional combination of materials and a couple of striking new details. There is also a teapot to match.

Most cafetieres are made of glass and stainless steel. Designer Pernille Vea explains that it is extremely complicated to produce a well-functioning cafetiere in bone china.

If the cafetiere principle is to work optimally, it requires a perfectly cylindrical pot, which hasn’t been possible with porcelain until now.

However Pernille Vea and Menu have now solved this problem; they have succeeded in designing and producing a porcelain cafetiere, in which it is possible to brew a perfect cup of coffee.

“I have selected delicate Bone China and functional silicone, as the combination of these two very different materials gives the classic cafetiere and teapot a refreshing touch, emphasised by the spring green colour on the lid.
The knob is formed like a coffee bean and the silicone wrap on the base provides insulation, so that you can place the cafetiere on the table without a trivet.”

The teapot’s lid includes a large and practical built-in tea infuser that easily and discretely lifts into a small groove in the top, when the tea is finished brewing; the tea infuser can be fully disassembled, making it easy to clean after use.

The cafetiere holds a litre and retails at £64.95.
The teapot holds 1.5 litres and retails at £64.95.


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