Maytag Launches Upgraded Eco Friendly Heat Pump Condenser Dryer

The Heat Pump Condenser Tumble DryerMaytag, the quality appliance maker, has launched an upgrade to its exceptional ecological tumble dryer.

The MTD 09HPWH/1 heat pump condenser dryer is powerful robust and eco friendly, achieving top scores in all the vital categories.

The independent TÃœV Rheinland Group tested the dryer meticulously, through 1,800 cycles, including its safety, durability and quality.

Highly developed heat pump technology forms the heart of this ‘A-50%’ rated machine, enabling it to save an astonishing 50% on energy usage compared to a standard A-class model:

  • The capacious 9kg drum capacity dries big loads but also reduces tangling and creasing.
  • Usually, dryers blow hot dry air in the drum to dry the contents, however, the Maytag uses compressed gas as in a refrigeration system to produce heat. This new method dries clothes gently, using significantly less energy than a normal dryer, thus preventing distortion and shrinkage of garments.
  • Maytag features Intellisense® sensor technology to save up to 50% energy and time, while providing great results.
  • The machine assesses the amount of humidity in the drum and adjusts and controls temperature accordingly, which means that the clothes don’t over-dry, resulting in a saving in energy and time.
  • 14 programmes are available including big items, mixed load, duvet, silk, wool,airing, auto-cool and anti-crease programme.
  • Dimensions: Height 845 x Width 596 x Depth 632 mm.

As with all of Maytag products this appliance, is supplied with a 10year parts and a 2year labour warranty.

For further information about Maytag’s new heat pump condenser dryer and browse the complete Maytag range, go to the website.

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