Karcher DIY Multi Purpose Vacs Are Ideal For Hard Cleaning

The Kärcher Multi Purpose DIY Vac.

The Karcher series of DIY multi-purpose vacuums is designed to tackle hard cleaning jobs and is the definitive tool for DIYers.

The Karcher range of versatile vacs have forceful motors, planned to go one better than average vacuums to lift up not only tough clutter, such as wood shavings and debris, but also spilled liquids and even have the ability to unblock sinks!

Main Functions:

  • The auto-start mechanism synchronises the vac when activated by the power tool, allowing you to remove the mess as you progress. As a result the working environment is almost dust free during filthy jobs such as sawing worktops or rubbing down doors or floorboards. This feature makes it easier to focus on the task in hand instead of being choked by the dust.
  • There is also a blower function for displacing and extracting dirt from tricky areas, E.g. behind radiators or from the interior of vehicles.

The Karcher multi-purpose vac is recommended by the well-known TV personality Tommy Walsh, who likes to refer to it as the ‘Man-Vac’ since it minimises the mess and allows you to focus on the job.

For further information and to view the various models of the the Karcher series of DIY versatile vacuums, please visit the website.

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