It’s In When You Are Out – Shopbox


From September, online shoppers will be able to rent a Shopbox, have it installed and ready to accept delivery of any online purchases when not at home.

Consumers will no longer have to stay in and wait for their grocery shopping, or be forced to pay for peak time evening or weekend slots, as the Shopbox will receive the goods whilst they are out, storing them securely and at the correct temperature, until they return home.

Unlike other drop boxes, Shopbox has three temperature-controlled compartments; frozen, refrigerated and ambient, which can accept anything from carrots to cornflakes to computer games:

  • Easily installed, simply plug into the mains (part of installation) on days when groceries are being delivered and on other days you can use your Shopbox to accept any non-food items such as clothes, books and electrical products.
  • The secure locking system is activated upon delivery and then unlocked by the owner on their return. The box is securely locked to the outside wall.
  • Shopbox can also be used as an extra food storage device, ideal for outdoor entertaining and at Christmas, when fridge and freezer space can be tight.
  • Shopbox is rented for a monthly fee of £14.99.

Many of the major retailers are supportive of Shopbox and are looking at joint marketing initiatives.

If you would like to find out more about Shopbox, please visit the website.
Tel:   (0800) 007 6122.

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