Introducing La Cornue’s Professional Flamberge Rotisserie.

Image1The Flamberge Rotisserie designed by André Dupuy, son of the founder in the 1960s is the only specialist rotisserie to be had for home use and his innovative product has never been improved upon.

This ingeniously simple and efficient gas rotisserie is easy to operate and to keep clean.

  • When used, there is no spitting of fat or smell.
  • It features three motorized roasting spits, which provide even heat distribution supplied by earthenware elements in cast-iron channels.
  • Under the rotisserie there is a ceramic dish for cooking the vegetables and to collect the juices from grilling fish or meat..
  • The Flamberge needs no special ventilation and should be be built into kitchen furniture or a wall.

La Cornue’s kitchen cabinets offer the addition of a pull out butcher’s trolley located beneath the Rotisserie, which is perfect for cutting up and serving.

The rotisserie is individually hand-made to order in the company’s own workshops outside Paris; there is also a choice of bespoke finishes, which include stainless steel and thirty enamel colours that match La Cornue’s range- cookers.

Image2Prices start at £ 7700.

About La Cornue was founded by Albert Dupuy in 1908 and has been a family business through 3 generations; it combines pioneering design with the finest of the past. The products are available from merchants nationwide.

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