Healthy Summer Eating With Sub-Zero & Wolf

 Healthy Summer Eating With Sub-Zero & Wolf During the warm summer months we all lean towards a more healthy diet; eating freshly prepared food that is light, nutritious and ideal for entertaining friends.

Wolf offers the health-conscious chef customised professional appliances, which are ideal for preparing fresh, healthy summer food.

The integrated worktop modules consist of seven flexible cooking options, including a steamer and grill, which provide the perfect way to cook wholesome and delicious tasting food with ease:

Summer Steaming

  • One of the healthiest modes of cooking is to steam food as it retains the valuable nutrients, colour and flavour that can be sometimes lost with other cooking methods, plus it avoids the use of oil and fat.
  • The IS15 steamer from Wolf can be used to cook food such as fish and chicken, but can also be used to prepare pasta dishes or large quantities of vegetables, by utilising the solid basket. Wolf ICBIS15/S Steamer £1,857.00.

Get the BBQ Effect Indoors

  • Alternatively, the grill module gives a BBQ effect and offers maximum cook-ability; it cooks meat and fish perfectly giving the grilled look and feel. This compact, integrated appliance offers a quick and easy option for summer entertaining, when you want to minimise fuss yet maximise taste.
  • The Wolf IG15 grill enables meat such as steaks, kebabs and fish to be grilled in the comfort of the kitchen.
  • The low profile one- piece grate creates a ‘grilled’ effect, whilst the double heating element configuration – front and back – enables two different food stuffs to be cooked at the same time but at different temperatures, or for food to be cooked on one section of the grill as other items are kept warm. Wolf ICBIG15/S Grill £1,269.00.

Sub-Zero’s Built In Refrigeration

  • Incorporates technology developed for NASA; the microbiological air purification system refreshes and ‘scrubs’ the air in the unit every 20 minutes, removing any bacteria, mould and viruses in the process.
  • It’s so efficient, it even removes food odours and the ethylene gas naturally emitted by some foods, such as summer fruits, that causes over-ripening and hastens spoilage and waste. Sub-Zero ICB700BR Refrigerator Drawers £3,460.00.

Featured here is the Sub-Zero ICB736TCI Refrigerator Freezer £7,156.00.

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