Fridge/Freezer Bins Make Ideal Storage Solutions

Fridge StorageThe Holding Company concentrate on provision of innovative ideas for storage in the home and organising things, in all areas of your life.

Your fridge-freezer is just as essential as the oven in your kitchen, so it is imperative that it’s kept uncluttered and organised.

Featured here are Open Fridge-freezer Storage Bins from the Holding Company that supply the ideal solution for enabling you to organise your fridge or freezer:

  • Considerably less space is taken up when using rectangular containers rather than cylindrical shapes.
  • The bins are perfect for gathering together condiments, drinks, meats Etc and put a stop to time wasted searching around to find what you want.
  • The storage containers come in two versatile sizes, which are stackable for maximum space saving and have handles built-in for effortless access.

Your fridge-freezer contents are sure to be well ordered in no time!


The Holding Company specialise in sourcing great ideas for home organisation and storage and constantly search the world for exclusive new and exciting products.

Their home storage products are practical, simple as well as stylish and range from recycled fibreboard to natural weaving materials and from fabricated metal to moulded acrylic.

For further information and to browse The Holding Company’s comprehensive ranges of home storage solutions, go to the website.

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