FreshWater Filter Company’s New Mini Filter Taps

The FreshWater Filter Company’s New Mini Filter TapsThe FreshWater Filter Company has launched two new mini filter taps, designed to sit either alongside the main kitchen tap, or on a secondary, smaller sink.

The taps are a hugely practical addition to any kitchen and make buying expensive and bulky bottled water a thing of the past, whilst also offering consumers peace of mind about the quality of their drinking water.

Available in contemporary or classic styles, the taps are connected to a compact stainless steel cartridge housing fitted beneath the kitchen sink; there is the option of a ‘1000’ system, which has a single cartridge housing, or the ‘2000’ system, which features a twin stainless steel housing.

The single, 1000 system housing, contains FreshWater’s British made ‘Pearl’ filter cartridge, which is exceptionally effective against a range of common contaminants and impurities, including:

  • Pathogenic bacteria.
    Metals – lead deposits from old pipes, aluminium and copper
    Organic chemicals.
    Pesticides and herbicides.
    Drugs and pharmaceutical traces..

The twin, 2000 system housing, contains Freshwater’s British made ‘Emerald’ cartridges, which equals the performance of the Pearl cartridge, with the additional advantage of a higher flow of filtered water, making the 2000 system ideal for larger families or even the office.

Depending upon the type, filter cartridges should be replaced every 6-12 months.

The mini filter taps are simple and straightforward to fit – an easy job for a plumber or even for an enthusiastic DIY-er!

Mini filter taps are also safe – you can enjoy drinking tap water with complete peace of mind; in addition they are also really affordable – in the long run, you’ll pay just pennies, rather than pounds for your filtered water.

FreshWater’s mini filter taps start from RRP £195.26 and come complete with a stainless steel filter housing and a Pearl or Emerald filter cartridge.


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