Crystal Clear Water From Rangemaster’s MySpa

Crystal Clear Water From Rangemaster’s MySpa DiverterRecent research shows that we Britons are wasting £2 billion a year on bottled water and neglecting our kitchen tap; sales of mineral water have been doubling every five years and more than two billion litres are now sold each year.

However it appears that the bottled water business is rather murky – producing and delivering a litre of bottled water emits hundreds of times more greenhouse gas as a litre of tap water and there are growing fears that plastic bottles may leak carcinogenic residues into the water.

Help is at hand from Rangemaster, whose innovative ‘MySpa’ diverter system, effortlessly transforms any kitchen tap into a filtered water dispenser at the flick of a switch, supplying you with an endless source of crystal clear water.

Easy to install with simple push-fit connectors, MySpa’ works with an ‘on-off’ diverter switch built into your sink’s tap-hole stopper, or into the work surface.

When the diverter is turned to the ‘on’ position, the water mains are redirected through the filter cartridge fitted neatly under the sink, removing all additives and impurities and delivering refreshing and healthy filtered water direct to your tap.

This eco friendly alternative to bottled water will provide your kitchen tap with clear drinking water with a crisp taste, perfect for making hot or cold drinks and for cooking.

Rangemaster’s ‘MySpa’ is easy to maintain and the company will also automatically let you know when your filter cartridge is due for replacement.

The water diverter kit is priced at £110 with a standard 2-year warranty.


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