Cooperative Xest Makes Your Kitchen A Haven Of Ease

Cooperative Xest Makes Your Kitchen A Haven Of EaseNot everyone’s Jamie Oliver in the kitchen and a clean organized kitchen may be the ideal but sometimes we do struggle, stirring the soup, cutting the bread, opening that wretched pickle jar whilst balancing a phone between the chin and shoulder!

Co-operative Xest offer timeless products that will make you wonder how you ever did without, to save you not only time and energy but also to make those kitchen moments a little less tedious.

The iSmart No-Touch waste bin will become the focus of your kitchen; it may even get the kids to tidy up after themselves, as they’ll love the automatically opening and closing lid. Genius! From £89.88.

As the summer months are finally here, long days in the garden are just what we need, but cold tea and coffee can sometimes put a dampener on long summer evenings outside.

The Insulated Stainless Steel Tea and Coffee pots (featured here), are wonderful vessels to keep your favourite Columbian coffee and Earl Grey tipple hotter for longer. From £39.82.

Sliding tea cups on trays are a thing of the past, with the amazing Dycem Non-Slip Mats, which also double up as jar and bottle openers – perfect for those hard to open jam jars, a well needed accompaniment with your afternoon tea and scones. From £6.82.

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