BRITA Filtered Water Directly To Your Kitchen

 BRITA Filtered Water Directly To Your Kitchen  BRITA is launching their new On Line Active and On Line Active Plus filter solutions to deliver the best quality filtered water on-demand, for the home.

The new products provide the ultimate convenience of BRITA filtered water on-demand, either through your existing kitchen tap, or through a dedicated BRITA water dispenser.

Smart, green and economical, these hydration solutions will appeal to all UK households, who want great tasting water without any delay:

On Line Active Plus comes complete with a stylish stainless-steel BRITA filtered water dispenser that sits alongside a normal kitchen tap.

  • The On Line Active Plus filter cartridge has BRITA’s multi-stage filtration performance – just like our regular jug cartridges – reducing limescale, chlorine, metals such as lead, copper and aluminium and organic impurities.
  • Limescale reduction, in particular, ensures hot drinks develop a better taste and aroma and also protects appliances such as kettles and coffee makers from limescale build-up, saving energy during use and making them last longer.

The second new product, On Line Active, is BRITA’s first retrofit filter solution for UK domestic taps, delivering BRITA carbon-filtered water from any kitchen tap.

  • The On Line Active reduces chlorine and organic impurities improving the taste, smell and appearance of tap water.
  • Both products also benefit from fully recyclable filter cartridges, thereby offering a sustainable hydration solution for any consumer.

BRITA® is a leading name in water filtration and the new On Line Active and On Line Active Plus products, reinforce this reputation for innovative products, with a level of convenience that puts them right at the centre of the modern, sustainable, health-conscious home.

Designed to suit your water requirements, the new BRITA products are set to become the new standard in quality water for the home.

For more information on the BRITA On Line Active products, please visit the website.

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