Brabantia Spices Up Its ‘Kitchen Today’ Wall Rail

 Brabantia Spices Up Its Kitchen Today Wall Rail Storage Whatever the recipe says, it’s always easier when your spices and herbs are ready to hand.

Now thanks to the addition of a Herb rack to Brabantia’s flexible Kitchen Today wall-rail system, they can be right in front of you.

The new Herb rack comes with five glass jars, each fitted with a flavour-tight seal, to keep your herbs and spices fresh for longer.

  • Measuring caps are also provided – one of which is suitable for coarse herbs – and pre-printed and blank labels are also supplied.
  • The rack is easily moved along the rail, so it’s just where you need it, or it can be mounted elsewhere by being screwed to a wall.

The Kitchen Today wall-rail offers, a highly flexible solution, so that you can arrange it in a way that’s convenient and efficient for you.

  • Complete with all the items you need when cooking, or it can be extended as your requirements change.
  • Attach your favourite utensils and gadgets with either universal hooks or magnets.
  • There are handy shelves and holders for storing salt, pepper and regularly used herbs, spices and condiments, which are easily removed to be taken to the kitchen table or next to the cooker.
  • Dispensers for kitchen foil, cling film and paper towels, can be positioned at just the right height, and there’s even a place to keep a small set of electronic kitchen scales and there’s a handy cookbook holder that keeps it open at the right page and angle.

Made of matt brushed stainless steel, contemporary in design and complementing the Brabantia Profile collection of over 80 kitchen tools, rail units are available in two lengths – 40 cm and 60 cm – to match standard kitchen cupboard dimensions, and are supplied with 5 or 7 movable hooks, respectively.

Durable and easy to clean, the Herb rack is made of rust-proof 18.8 stainless steel, and the glass bottles are strong and dishwasher safe. Additional bottles are also available separately.

The new Herb rack retails at around £19 and is covered by a 5-year guarantee.

Brabantia products are available from leading retailers, including high street department stores and other outlets.

To see the Brabantia Kitchen Today wall rail, please visit the website.

Tel:   (0845) 602 4877  for stockist details.

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