A Versatile Green Machine From Sovereign Appliances

A Versatile Green Machine From Sovereign AppliancesSovereign Appliances has launched an entirely new type of home appliance, which hits the spot for green householders, kitchen designers and developers:

The pioneering Sovereign Eco-Bin Waste Manager is an all-in-one, three-way waste management system that disposes of food waste and separately compacts cans and plastic bottles.

The Eco-Bin is designed to help homeowners reduce the overall volume of household waste that has to be collected by the local council and features three individual pull-out drawers for:

  • Food Waste – Compost It
    Food waste is ground up and drops into a waste bin lined with a biodegradable bag that can hold up to 7 litres of organic remains before it needs emptying.
  • The much-reduced waste can then be put into your compost bin or normal waste bin; a built-in automatic sanitation system then cleans and flushes out the bin area via the waste outlet.
  • Cans Away
    Aluminium cans from drinks and packing material from food items are crushed and compacted in a separate compartment, reducing their overall size so that 22 litres can be stored before the need to empty the container.
  • Plastic Bottles Take Less Space
    The third compartment of the EcoBin compacts containers such as plastic bottles and yoghurt pots etc; up to 16 litres can be stored before the container needs emptying.

The 60-cm wide, stainless steel Sovereign EcoBin Waste Manager is available as a freestanding or built-in model, with a drop-down door to access the three waste compartments. Priced around £1400.

This novel green machine is the shape of things to come!

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