A New Trend Setting Chimney Hood From Neff

Chimney Extractor Hood from NeffNeff the built in appliance brand leader is introducing a whole new concept in extractor hood design.

The extractor’s unique angled design makes it a real trendsetter, which could be the centre of attention for any new kitchen installation.

The angled design has two main benefits:

It ensures no inadvertent bumping of your head and it allows you to cook on the hob below, at much closer quarters.

Although this hood is particularly powerful in performance, it operates at an extremely low noise level of just 54 decibels.
The push buttons, which are within easy reach, operate the lights and the 3 power settings including an intensive one.

An automatic run on facility is featured on this efficient hood, to ensure that all lingering odours are removed even after completion of cooking.

This 90cm wide stainless steel chimney hood is designed for wall mounting and can either be ducted out, or re circulated.

The Neff D99W5 retails at around £750.

Web: www.neff.co.uk
Tel: (0870) 513 3090 for brochures & stockists

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