Ultimate Cook’s Oven from Neff

B6774 Combination Microwave Oven from NeffAppearances can be deceptive – the new B6774 oven from Neff may look like an ordinary oven, but it actually boasts over 51 automatic cooking functions, including microwaving, baking, grilling and hot air cooking.

The microwave function has five power levels ranging from 90W to 900W, and the oven has advanced Innowave technology to give you better cooking results and a reduction in cooking times.

Cleaning this built in electric oven is easy thanks to the built in CeramiClean roof and back liners. With an integral cooling system, this appliance is flexible enough to be built in next to a fridge or freezer, as well as at eye level or under the counter.

The oven is available in 4 different colourways – black, white, brown and stainless steel, and blends in perfectly with other Neff built in cooking appliances, such as single and double ovens and warming drawers.

web: http://www.neff.co.uk
tel: (0870) 513 3090.

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