Revolutionary Aqualytic Oven Cleaning From Amica

 Revolutionary Aqualytic Oven Cleaning From Amica Amica, one of the most dynamic household appliances manufacturers in Europe, is expanding in the UK market, with its range of freestanding and built-in appliances.

Amica’s latest cooking innovation – the Scandium range of built-in multifunction ovens – is available this month.

The Scandium range consists of two highly attractive and functional ovens in stainless steel, both A rated for energy efficiency and featuring Amica’s revolutionary new Aqualytic cleaning system, incorporating AquaRealEase™ technology, which saves time and money and is exceptionally kind to the environment.

The Scandium 1133.4TdXY provides 12 heating functions including rotisserie, convection, grill and fan cooking – with an integrated heating element, the fan distributes the hot air evenly around the oven chamber for a reduced cooking time; using Rapid Heat, the oven reaches temperature within minutes, saving yet more valuable energy.

The multifunctional electronic programmer, retractable controls and clear LCD display, makes for easy programming, while 15 pre-programmed recipe settings, enable even the worst chefs to prepare great meals.

The powerful grill and stay-cool door allow for safe closed door grilling; the telescopic side racks enable dishes to be removed safely, without the need to put hands into the chamber and the child lock prevents little ones playing with the controls. After the oven is turned off, Amica’s automatic cooling system cools the oven quickly.

One of the main features of the new range is the Eco function, which regulates energy consumption throughout the cooking process, by utilising the residual heat inside the chamber, while still ensuring outstanding culinary results.

The unique feature is Amica’s brand new Aqualytic cleaning system. Where other oven cleaning systems require a period of 1½ hours at a temperature of 400° or 500° Celsius, Amica’s revolutionary new Aqualytic system uses ½ litre of water and needs just 30 minutes at only 90°C.

All Amica products come with Amica’s quality after sales care and a full two year parts and labour guarantee.
Priced around £399 inc Vat.

For further information on the new Scandium range of appliances, visit the Amica website.
Tel: (01425) 461600

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