Underwood Furniture Launches A New Website…

Bespoke furniture from Underwood Furniture

Underwood's Vermont Bespoke Furniture

Underwood Furniture, one of Britain’s leading bespoke furniture-makers has launched a new website.

The new website showcases Underwood’s cheerful and contemporary stance on kitchens; their classic designs are as much at home in lively urban settings as in more rural areas of the country.

Typical of this is their latest design, ‘Vermont ‘ in our picture – simple and refined, its beauty rests in straightforward lines, handmade solidity and deluxe materials.
With minimal decorative detailing, Vermont’s purity highlights the exceptional cabinetry skills which go into its making.

With painted wood, solid Walnut and gleaming nickel handles, This classic design is as much at home in urban settings as in the heart of rural England.
From kitchens to bedrooms, libraries and much more, Underwood Furniture’s collections are reference points rather than rigid prescriptions.

Their customers are people who want real furniture, custom built by skilled craftsmen, so each piece is wholly designed and made in response to individual commission.

All of the furniture is built in their Buckinghamshire workshops, using only sustainable timbers, and clients who wish to come and see their furniture being made are always welcome.

Underwood Furniture is part of the long tradition of English cabinetry and they design and install throughout the UK and internationally.

Please visit the website, to view Underwood Furniture’s exceptional and unique furniture designs.

Tel:  (01296) 771 800

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