Moore & Bradfield Create Timeless Bespoke Interiors

Moore & Bradfield Create Timeless Bespoke Interiors  Moore & Bradfield based in Hungerford in Berkshire, create timeless interiors for English Homes. By researching period detail and colour and the use of an eclectic mix of styles, they create rooms that are enduring, functional and elegant.

Blending the realities of lifestyle with decorative aspirations and weaving them into the fabric of a house to create unique homes, is the challenge that Moore & Bradfield meet with every project.

The company aims to make all the living spaces within the home work with each other for easy, comfortable living, from a professional couple combining working from home, with a passion for entertaining; to the archetypal family, where the need is for a family kitchen and space to hose down the children and dogs after a walk on the Downs.

Featured here is the Colonial Style Bedroom. French oak four post bed, with detached canopy and shaker chest of drawers. MB-CB01.
Price: Beds from £10,000

Visit the Moore & Bradfield website, to view the many stunning pictures of completed bespoke projects, in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, eclectic and freestanding furniture.

Tel: (01488) 684240

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