The Aga Cooker May Be The Original Recycled Product

The Aga Cooker May Be The Original Recycled ProductSince the very first Aga cooker was made more than 80 years ago, 70% of each new Aga has been manufactured from previously used material, which shows that Aga have been aware of the importance of recycling from the start.

Car gearboxes, guttering, old m a c h i n e r y, cookers, door fittings, drain covers and lampposts have all gone towards making the famous Aga cooker.

Because of their commitment to recycling, Aga is offering any customer who wishes to change their Aga cooker a £500 discount on a new Aga, when they trade in their old one. The old Agas will then be melted down and made into new ones, thus completing the cycle.

The Aga keeps on cooking for years and is renowned for its longevity, which is why some people say an Aga lasts a lifetime.

The long-lasting Aga is of real benefit to our environment in today’s disposable culture and since they are almost completely recyclable, you’ll probably never find an Aga in a landfill site!

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