Aga Range Cooker

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Two oven Aga range cooker in claret

Actually it’s not that hard. The kitchen is the heart of the home – a family space, warm, comfortable and inviting. Perhaps that’s why even in the technological maelstrom of the twenty-first century, it’s the Aga, a cast-iron range cooker designed more than 80 years ago that’s still says “home” to a lot of people.

Of course the Aga hasn’t stood still – you can now buy an Aga cooker with gas burners, or a halogen hob, and choose from a rainbow of colours. But it’s this, the standard Aga, with the traditional hotplates that thousands of people still aspire to have in their homes.

Pictured is the two oven Aga, in Claret, priced from £5,650.

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