AGA Launches Upgrade Programme For Older Cookers

AGA Launches Upgrade Programme For Older CookersThis summer AGA is launching a programme to transform older AGAs everywhere; with a simple upgrade, owners of older cookers will be able to take advantage of new technology, offering considerable savings on both energy use and running costs.

More than half of all AGA cookers sold today are fully programmable, enabling owners to enjoy significant savings on running costs; therefore AGA wants as many owners as possible to take advantage of this new technology.

From July 1st, a nationwide upgrade campaign will begin, offering retro-fit programmable burners to the owners of oil, gas and electric AGA cookers; most AGAs in service today are upgradeable.

These authentic AGA burners, fitted by a qualified engineer, will allow owners to programme their cookers to suit their lifestyle and to save both money and energy.

The upgrade programme will allow AGA owners to keep their beloved cookers, while also enjoying all the benefits of cutting-edge technology and giving them the ability to programme their cookers to suit their routine:

  • An upgraded AGA cooker will be able to cook breakfast in the morning, drop to a lower temperature during the day and then return to cooking temperature in time for supper.
  • Should the owner of a programmable AGA go on holiday, then the cooker can either stay on at the lowest temperature, or be completely switched off for the duration of the trip and then automatically restart, ready for when its owners return home.

AGA is in tune with modern thinking – so with the environment uppermost on the agenda at the moment, as well as saving money, the company believes it not only makes sense to hang on to an older AGA, but also to ensure that it’s using the very latest technology available.

AGA customers interested in upgrading their AGA should visit:
Tel: (0845) 712 5207

An appointment will be made for a visit from a specialist AGA Home Survey Manager to assess the existing AGA and give it a free health check too; then an engineer’s visit can be arranged to carry out the upgrade.

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