Thomas Sanderson’s Remote Control Blinds

Thomas Sanderson’s Conservatory Remote Control Blinds Thomas Sanderson has introduced TecNeat, an exclusive and innovative blind system especially for conservatories.

The new system allows the fabric to take centre stage, with the hardware discreetly hidden so that the visual impact comes only from the material to enhance the beauty of your room.

The arrangement is suitable for all shapes and sizes of conservatory and is especially ideal for the roof, where the sun’s rays can often seep through so that blinds are a must.

Adding Thomas Sanderson’s PowerPleat remote control to TecNeat, enables you to control the light and heat from the comfort of your armchair, transforming your surroundings swiftly and easily, at the touch of a button.

There is no need for pull cords or rods to operate your blinds – it’s all done electronically, with each blind having its own miniature motor.

Only available from Thomas Sanderson, The PowerPleat and TecNeat combination, provides state-of –the-art technology and the ultimate in ease of use and convenience.


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