Sunbuster The New Award Winning Children’s Blind

 Sunbuster The New Award Winning Children's Blind The Sunbuster blind was designed by the parents of three children, who had themselves experienced sleepless nights and the problems associated with traditional roller blinds.

Traditional roller blinds provide poor blackout cover, allowing far too much light in around the surrounding edges.
Many parents try to combat this by hanging towels and sheets over the top and down the side of the blind to block out the extra light.

Whereas the sunbuster blind hangs from the window itself, ensuring excellent blackout coverage.
The Sunbuster blind acts as a blackout blind in the summer and gives amazing insulation to your windows in the winter, thus protecting your child throughout the year:

The innovative new Sunbuster blinds simply hang from the glass itself, resulting in superb blackout coverage, therefore no further need to stuff those towels or sheets around your old roller blind.

  • The Sunbuster blind uses soft magnetic strips to hold the blind in a raised position; this takes away the need for the dangerous and sometimes fatal looped blind cord.
  • The blind uses a special band of gel at the top to stick it to your window, which leaves no residue on the glass at all.
  • The blind is manufactured using a fleece lined blackout fabric; this combined with the gap between the blind and the window being almost zero, ensures that heat loss through your window is greatly improved.
  • It also allows your window to open without restriction, so permitting it to be used as a fire escape in case of an emergency.
  • The product recently received a highly commended award from the prestigious John Logie Baird awards panel.

Available online from the Sunbuster website.

For more detailed information about the Sunbuster children’s blind, please visit the website.

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