Duette’s Innovative Heat Resistant Blinds Keep Rooms Cool

Sunny days are always welcome in the UK, however, the glare of hot sunshine can prove troublesome in keeping our homes cool and preventing the fading of furniture.

Now Duette® blinds have introduced an ideal solution.

Their energy saving blinds, provide excellent insulating attributes, which keep homes warm in winter, as well as wonderfully cool in summer.

Up to 78% of the warmth of the sun is reflected by Duette blinds, which keep rooms at a comfortable and consistent temperature, thus preventing the need to use power hungry electric fans or air conditioning systems.

This is achieved by an innovative honeycomb design and a novel coating on the window side of the blind, which reflects heat and traps air.

In addition to climate control,these blinds keep out 99% of Ultra Violet rays, thus preventing the fading of wallpaper and furnishings.

These benefits make them extremely useful for rooms with large areas of glass and conservatories, which can get uncomfortably hot in summer.

image009-3Duette® blinds are available in a choice of 3 transparencies; blackout, translucent or semi- sheer and a huge range of colours, to ensure that summer rooms will not be compromised on style.

Furthermore, all of the blinds feature a total blackout choice, providing the ideal conditions for sleep, with darkness, a cool room and the reduction of outside noises by up to 45%.

For further information and to browse the wide choice of Duette Energy saving blind styles, go to the website.


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