Apollo’s Duette Blinds Can Help Create A Cosy Home This Winter

A Pleated Blind From Apollo's Duette Range

The winter weather will soon be upon us and to ensure we have a cosy home, we need to insulate against the cold and reduce drafts.

Windows are known to leak energy and it has been calculated that approximately 25% – 75% of heat is lost in this way.

Apollo’s prize-winning Duette blinds are known to cut heat loss from windows by up to 46%, giving an economy of up to 10% of the heating energy consumed, which can amount to more than £60 a year.

  • To maximise insulation, Duette blinds should be fitted with an individual in-frame that holds the blinds securely in the window, eradicating drafts and the need for cords.
  • It is also a good idea to let down the blind every night, but allow the sunlight in during the day to provide maximum daylight.
  • The Duette blinds are offered in Duotone (coloured plus white backing), blackout options, or semi-transparent and obscure variations, in a choice of trend colours with a pleated appearance.
  • A further key benefit of installing custom-made blinds, is that they are exceptionally versatile. Perfect for big windows, conservatories and abnormal shaped frames and they can be fitted to any type of window, doors and skylights.
  • A 400x600mm bespoke Duette blind is priced from £75.

As heating bills continue to increase, fitting Duette blinds could save owners lots of money over the years and eventually pay for themselves again and again. They are very attractive too!

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