Parna’s Unique Vintage And Antique Embroidery

Parna’s Unique Range of Vintage And Antique Embroidery Parna was established in 2007 by Kath Griffiths, inspired by the quality and variety of vintage textiles in Eastern and Central Europe.

Parna has a distinctive range of beautifully worked and hand embroidered pieces, from areas of Central and Eastern Europe with long traditions of folk craft and textile heritage; originally as part of dowries, these pieces were incredibly time consuming to make and offer fantastic quality.

The Parna from Vintage range was developed in order to make the most of beautiful vintage linen, hemp and embroidery and to pay homage to the women who spend hours hand crafting them.

The Vintage pieces incorporate traditional techniques, refashioned and reworked to bring time-honoured quality to contemporary living.

The range includes stunning wall hangings and refashioned from vintage, cushion and pillow covers.

Most of Parna’s vintage linen and hemp, was home grown without the use of pesticides, then spun and woven – all in all, a very time consuming process.

The nature of the hand spinning and weaving process means that there may be some unevenness in weave, which adds to the charm of these pieces.

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