Takker Can Quickly Hang Mirrors Pictures And More With Ease

Introducing Takker – a development in DIY that provides a handy solution for how we hang things in the home.

Say goodbye to the hassle of hanging pictures with hammer and nails, often the cause of broken plaster, cracked walls and sore throbbing thumbs.

For people with plasterboard walls, hanging anything up can be horrendous using raw plugs and screws, resulting in unsightly holes that are difficult to fix, when decorating or moving home.

It’s as easy as using a stapler

  • The Takker installs a small but amazingly strong Takk, by just pushing a plunger – into plaster, plasterboard, aerated concrete and wooden surfaces.
  • The Takk is robust enough to support a picture that weighs up to an incredible 10kg.
  • To use, simply make a small mark with a pencil on the wall, using the face of the Takker as a guide.
  • Line up the Takker for precise positioning of the Takk, then pull back the plunger and push with the hand to insert the Takk.
  • To remove, just pull the Takk from the wall with the device and you are left with an inconspicuous tiny hole.
  • No mess, no cracks and no polyfiller required!

Inventor Damien McGrane, was awarded funding for development of the Takker on the Irish Dragons Den TV show.

The Takker is supplied loaded with 12 Takks, plus a collection of other fittings for hanging prints, pictures and many more household objects, from tea towels to dressing gowns.

The versatile Takker offers many options for hanging jobs in the home!

Priced at: £19.99 plus postage and packing; available to order direct from Takker online.

Go to the website for more information about the resourceful Takker solution, for hanging up things at home with ease.

‘How to’ advice on using Takker is available here: http://www.takker.com/how-use-takker

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