Urban Living Interiors Introduces Innovative Mirror With Hidden TV

Hidden TV 1Urban Living Interiors has presented a surprising new extra-large floor standing mirror in their new showroom.

Unseen in the mirror, is a Loewe 50” HD television flat screen, which when switched off is hidden under the glass.

The mirror frame consists of lavish mock black croc leather and would make a striking statement in any room in a home.

This novel mirror concept is proving to be popular with clients and every mirror is made to order – in any size, style frame, TV or mirror.

The television can be placed in the mirror frame at any position or level preferred, for optimised viewing.

Urban Interiors have also perfected the glass making process to ensure exceptional HD quality is achieved. This is an ideal way to have a television in your room, without it becoming the focal point.

The company has made two floor standing TV mirrors for a client, in leather and bronze placed on both sides of the fireplace, one including a hidden TV and the other not, in order to retain the stylish contemporary interior design, to comply with the clients wishes.

Hidden TV 2Uban living interiors’ top priority is quality of workmanship, materials and products.

The company specialises in contemporary furnishings, interior design and architecture, as well as show houses.

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Studio and Showrooms: are situated at 85 Great Portland Street, London.

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