Healthy Home, Healthy You

 Healthy Home, Healthy You We all know that in order to stay fit and healthy we need to exercise more, eat our five-a-day and drink plenty of water, but how many of us think about the quality of the air we breathe day in, day out?

Around 30% of the population is affected by hay fever every year and with some 10 million people in the UK being asthmatic; it really pays to think about the quality of air in your home. And with the hay fever season well and truly upon us, there is no time to waste.

Home cleaning expert Oreck has come up with the perfect clean air solution:

The Oreck®Air 600 air purifier is a discreet and effective way to purify air in the home, as it removes pollutants such as airborne dust particles and pollen, both of which contribute to allergies.

The Oreck®Air 600 uses a six-stage filtration system to remove 95% of particles from the air; firstly drawing in dirty air then removing dust, allergens, and bacteria before distributing fresh, clean air back into the room.
Other great features of the Oreck®Air 600 include:

• Slimline profile measuring just 15 x 42 x 29cm for easy storage.

• Economical, costing the same to run as a 100W light bulb.

• Removes unpleasant odours.

• Silence Technology™ means that is can be used in the bedroom.
• Two year full parts and labour warranty.

• Optional ioniser for mountain-air freshness.
Priced at £239+p&p.

Why not choose an Oreck XL upright vacuum cleaner to work alongside the Oreck®Air 600, for complete peace of mind?

The popular XL3 model is ideal for those looking for a light-weight and super-efficient vacuum cleaner.
The XL3 has many great features:

• Dust lock bags which stop dust mites and other allergens from circulating around the home.

• Hypo-allergenic filtration which removes 99.98 of bacteria to give your home a really healthy clean.

• Superior brush roll, which lifts and traps dirt and allergy-causing pet hairs.

The XL3 model is sold with a handy portable Multi-Vac, which is perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach and often forgotten areas of the home.
Priced at £305+p&p.

For stockist information and to view the complete Oreck collection, visit the Oreck website.

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