Yellow Velvet Presents Decorative & Designer Cushions Online

Yellow Velvet Website

Yellow Velvet Website

Yellow Velvet is the first website shop to specialise in decorative and designer cushions, which will delight online shoppers looking for that extra bit of style for the home.

This pioneering online shop was first introduced in 2011 in France, by fabric designer Carole Dugelay, who has now increased the website content, to include UK-based designs in order to attract UK shoppers.

The Yellow Velvet website shop presents more than 350 designs in striking shapes, fabrics, colours and styles.

Yellow Velvet works together with around 30 recognized and flourishing artists, as well as designers, including Charlene Mullen, Lindell & Co, Inghua Ting and Scholten & Baijings, plus prime textile design companies, such as Kvadrat and Maharam.

The company also offers a gorgeous range of their own-brand cushions, superb vintage pieces and a quarterly capsule compilation.

The capsule is displayed in a virtual gallery, giving artists room to express their creativity by showcasing their cushions as works of art.

Two newly introduced examples feature Skincare by French artist Isabelle Jolivet, who makes use of recycled materials and Octopousse, a huge Octopus-shaped pouffe, created by French designer Marine Peyre.

The Virtual Gallery

The Virtual Gallery

The Yellow Velvet website is presented as a gallery, in order to excite and inspire and is dedicated to putting cushions ‘centre stage’ in homes.

The cushions are priced from £20 to over £800.

Visit the Yellow Velvet website to browse the delightful collection of decorative and designer cushions.


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