Bright Floor Cushions And Pouffe By Roberto Bianchini

Jasmine Way the UK Home Accessories company who specialise in unusual products from Europe and the middle east, have introduced new bright and colourful floor cushions, to brighten up our homes through the dark and depressing winter days.

These beautiful floor cushions and poufs have been created by designer Roberto Bianchini in Vintage Casa, his design studio, in Genoa, Italy.
The products are made from raw cotton then hand embroidered, to provide gorgeous accessories for a warm and cosy home this winter:

Draught Excluder
Multi colour cotton, Depth 8 x Length 100 cm.£35.00.
Embroidered Floor Cushions
Multi colour cotton, Depth 38 x Height 6 cm. £32.00.
Stripe Pouffe – Multi colour cotton, Depth 40 x Height 20 cm. £75.00.

JasmineWay Home Accessories was launched in 2008, due to the owners’ love of extraordinary and beautiful products. Since then they have travelled extensively in Continental Europe in search of striking home accessories.

All of their merchandise is sourced from minor suppliers located in France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands and Middle Eastern countries.

For more information and to view Jasmine Way’s striking floor cushions and pouffe By Roberto Bianchini, go to the website.

Tel: (0208) 715 2520

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