Smartfrog’s Simple New Home Security System

Smartfrog_Application area
Smartfrog has introduced an affordable surveillance solution with a camera and video storage, (including a free App for iOS and Android), to enable users to have a 24/7 surveillance of their homes or businesses, by means of their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Smartfrog’s Cam is easily set up for use in just 5 minutes – you just download the App, register and connect the Smartfrog Cam to the power and Wi-Fi.

In addition to checking your home at any time, the Cam can also become a baby monitor with night vision, plus the ability to check in on your elderly parents, or keep an eye on your pets at home.

Whenever a movement or a sound is recorded, the user will immediately be alerted via an email, or notification via their mobile device.

Furthermore, Smartfrog can make use of old smartphones, laptops and webcams as additional cameras, since users are permitted to connect up to ten cameras altogether to the system.

Smartfrog CamOther features:
Alarm function.
Notification system.
Two-way audio.
Night vision.
8x zoom.
Time-lapse video, allows users to review the whole day in just five minutes.
All data transferred is SSL-encrypted, (like online banking) and stored in an ISO-verified top -security data centre.

Cost: The complete package, including the Smartfrog Cam, starts at £4.95 per month and no minimum contract term; includes continuous monthly video storage, from the previous 24 hours.

Note: There were 789,000 reported burglaries in England in 2014.

For further information about Smartfrog’s New Home Security Solution, go to the website.

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