Protect Your Garden From Theft With Yale’s Solutions

 Protect Your Garden From Theft With Yale’s Solutions   The security experts at Yale have thoughtfully offered the guidance below, on how best to secure your valuable garden contents, as thefts from grounds are becoming much more common:

Many of us don’t realise the high value of the items we leave in our garden, and the fact that they’re mainly left unsecured means they’re easy targets to thieves. To make it worse, home insurance policies often don’t cover thefts from gardens and outbuildings.

With expensive barbecues, garden furniture and kids’ toys often left unsecured in our gardens overnight, it makes sense to invest in affordable and easy to use security solutions that will keep them secure.

Padlocks are ideal for securing costly toys and play equipment, as well as smaller garden tools. Yale offers weatherproof padlocks, which are specifically designed to withstand the great British weather all year round, even in exposed locations such as by the sea.

You may want to consider extra protection for your more valuable items. An anchor used in conjunction with a padlock and cable would be ideal to secure any garden furniture such as tables, chairs and benches. Anchors are also great for securing high-value items in your shed, such as a lawnmower or jet wash.

You can also secure expensive items such as barbeques, which are often left out in the garden overnight, to a heavy fixture using a steel security cable and a padlock. Yale’s steel cable is two metres in length, but can be lengthened by connecting two or more cables together with padlocks.

The featured Yale Home and Garden Padlock Set, consists of 3 x 51mm weatherproof padlocks and 4 keys, now available from a selection of major retailers and locksmiths from only £14.99.

For more information on the full range of outdoor security products from Yale, please visit the website.

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