Legal & General’s ‘Safeguarding Your Home’ Booklet

‘Safeguarding Your Home’ Booklet From Legal & GeneralThe latest recorded crime figures for England and Wales includes a map of the most burgled cities in the UK, which highlights London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle as the main hot spots.

Although the statistics, show that crime is falling and that domestic burglary is in decline, with a drop of 4%, Legal & General is concerned that people should continue to be vigilant when it comes to their home security.

Therefore, they have produced a special booklet, Safeguarding Your Home, which provides useful tips and home security advice, to help homeowners and those renting to protect their property and possessions.

An recent online survey, ‘Safe as Houses’ by Legal & General, revealed that although we’re very good at putting home security features in place, we’re not so good at checking that they are still working.

For example, over 80% have a smoke alarm and nearly 30% a security alarm in their home; however less than 10% said that they have never checked their smoke alarm and worryingly over 50% admitted that they have never checked their security alarm.

The Crime in England and Wales 2007/2008 report, also found that households with no home security measures, were around ten times more likely to have been victims of burglary, than households where simple security measures such as deadlocks on doors, or window locks were fitted – so home security remains a key defence against being a victim of burglary!

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