Help Police Save Resources on Less Urgent Call Outs

 Help Police Save Resources on Less Urgent Call Outs  Police Chiefs are making every effort to refrain from having officers attend call outs that are considered to be less urgent cases, such as telephone harassment calls.

Those who receive such calls on a regular basis, could argue that they are as urgent as any other. However, there are now advances in technology, which can put a stop to nuisance calls of every nature, without the need for police intervention.

Better procurement is highlighted as a key way to save police funding; using new inventions that save precious police time is vital in surviving the impending cuts.

Harassment calls can cause anxiety, depression and paranoia; now preventing these calls is one of the easiest things to do, with the use of the right equipment.

The CPR Call Blocker

  • Enables the user to block up to 100 telephone numbers, which plague their line.
  • The device is also pre-programmed with 200 of the most persistent telemarketers and scam telephone numbers that are recognised by the Call Prevention Registry Global. This enables the consumer to have control over their privacy.

Whilst the cuts are predicted to be detrimental to those in the public sector, the general public should anticipate further consequences.
According to CPR Global, it is feared the cuts will bring a hoard of marketing calls from callers across the globe, as the UK may be the focus for International money making schemes and scams.

A spokesperson for CPR Global said “For a long time, police forces have been left to deal with the nuisance of harassment calls. With no alternative than to chase up queries with phone providers and spend time trying to work out who the offenders are, there is now a cheaper and faster alternative that can put a stop to the problem, with a touch of a button namely the CPR Call Blocker.”

Therefore, we should prepare for an increase in unsolicited calls to our households, just as CPR Global recorded 230,137 calls from debt and loan management companies during the height of the recession.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee; 1 Year Warranty. Priced at £47.75.

Important Note: Caller ID must be enabled on your phone line for this product to work effectively

For more information, or to purchase the CPR Call Blocker, please visit the CPR Global website.

Tel: (0800) 652 7780

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