A Home Security System Review

©  Paige Foster / iStockPhotosBefore buying a home security system it is important to take a close look at your home, and your locality, to discover the type and level of crime or other problems that are most likely to affect the security of your home, family and possessions.

So it is a good idea to do a home security system review to ascertain the precise level of protection you require thus preventing expense on unnecessary equipment.

Assemble the Facts

  • Call on the assistance of your local police crime prevention officer, the fire service, neighbourhood watch and your insurance company who will give you detailed statistics and advice regarding prevalent crimes in your area, including other incidents such as fire or flooding.
  • Talk to your neighbours to determine their knowledge of local crime or vandalism.
  • When developing your security assessment, imagine that you are a burglar targeting your home and assess the situation through his eyes, to include your locality, your fences and gates, garden/grounds, door locks and accessibility of doors and windows, etc.
  • Your family’s personal routines are equally important, as obvious daily habits can make you an easier target for criminals.

Study your assembled facts and classify any problem areas according to the risks, which are now apparent and decide whether you are liable to become a victim.

Now take appropriate action to address the identified risks to your home and family.

A comprehensive home security review can reduce your home insurance costs, because such careful planning demonstrates to your insurance company how serious you are about protecting your home and possessions.

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