Marmitek’s New DoorGuard Is Easy To Install And Use

Marmitek’s New DoorGuard Is Easy To Install And Use

Although safety is the most important reason for buying a door phone, comfort and ease of use comes in a close second.

Seeing who is at the door gives us the option of opening the door (or not) and provides a valuable sense of both freedom and protection.

You can also install an automatic opener with a Marmitek door phone that can be operated from the internal unit. So walking to the door is no longer necessary.

Specialist area
Door phone development is the province of genuine specialists, as the product must perform a range of needs and requirements.
Marmitek aims to provide a system that is easy for anyone to install and use.

Additionally, the door phone must be made of sturdy materials in order to survive all types of weather conditions, plus image and sound must be of the very highest quality, to match modern developments.

DoorGuard 350
With a monitor that is just 25 mm thick and a camera that is just 45 mm wide, the DoorGuard 350 is one of the slimmest in its category.
The 10cm. colour LCD screen provides a perfect image of the person at the door, even if it is dark outside, due to its integrated invisible lighting.

Quality and guarantee
All Marmitek door phones fulfil strict European quality standards and the company provides a full guarantee for up to 24 months after purchase.

Price and availability
The DoorGuard 350 is now available and costs just 159 euro.
For further information about the new Marmitek Door-Guard and sales addresses please visit the website.

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