Texecom’s New Wireless Network Security System

 Texecom’s New Wireless Network Security System  Texecom Ltd. The leading security product manufacturer has now launched its professional-grade mesh network wireless platform: RICOCHET.

This innovative technology has been designed to overcome the limitations and address the concerns of existing wireless security systems.

RICOCHET technology devices send receive and repeat wireless transmissions from all other compatible devices in the network.

This means that each and every enabled device provides a data route for the wireless signal to and from Texecom’s Premier Series control panels, allowing the network to ‘repair’ itself, when a connection even begins to weaken.

Traditional wireless systems depend on simple ‘point-to-point’ communication, where each connection is made directly between the control panel and the device. In this situation, distances between the controller and security sensor can be very limited, with outlying zones susceptible to signal loss.

By creating a mesh network of interconnecting points, the RICOCHET system maintains signal integrity even in the event of direct-line interference.

Texecom has also developed the new Signal Security diagnostic tool, which actively monitors the wireless network in real-time – eliminating the need for cumbersome site signal strength

It shows, in real-time, the network’s status and condition, and the total number of alternative signal routes for each device. This therefore offers a superior indication of total system integrity compared to a simple signal strength measurement.

The initial range of products available with RICOCHET includes a 32-zone wireless expander, 15m digital PIR, 15m digital quad PIR, shock sensor, magnetic contact and wireless keyfob.

The company is making significant investments in the continued development of the RICOCHET platform, with additional devices, systems and features being rolled out in the near future.

A RICOCHET Starter Kit is now available for a limited time only.


  • 1 x Premier 32XP-W.
  • 1 x Premier SmartKey.
  • 3 x Prestige QD-W.
  • 1 x Impaq Plus-W.
  • 1 x Impaq Contact-W.
  • Software, Instructions and Auxiliary Bag.

Frequency Band 868.0 MHz – 868.6 MHz

Further information and the latest updates can be found at Texecom’s dedicated website for the technology.

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