Holiday Season Home Security From Marmitek

Reliable Holiday Season Home Security From Marmitek The holiday period is nearly here – How can you close the door behind you, continue to keep an eye on your house and then return home without concerns?

Marmitek offers a wide range of solutions in terms of alarm systems, IP cameras and home automation:

Wireless security with SafeGuard and TotalGuard (In our picture).

The SafeGuard (4-part) and the TotalGuard (7-part) security systems are completely wireless and exceptionally reliable, thanks to Secured Wireless Technology (SWT):

  • In case of emergency the system calls the mobile number(s) programmed by you, allowing you to hear exactly what is happening in your home at that moment.
  • You can also automatically switch on lighting if something is wrong.
  • Both systems comprise a control panel with telephone dialler and siren, window/door sensor and a wireless movement detector; both can be expanded to match your requirements precisely.
  • Furthermore, you do not need to pay recurring monthly subscription charges to security companies.

IP Cameras (IP Eye Anywhere or IP RoboCam series):

  • Place the IP camera in an appropriate place in or around your home and connect it to the Internet; you can then watch the live images from the camera on any PC in the world connected to the Internet.
  • This enables you to view the images and verify an alarm call from your security system while you are away from home; you can also record images, triggered by movement sensors, that are then sent to your e-mail address.

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