The Speed-e-card Offers Consumers Greater Control

 The Speed-e-card Offers Consumers Greater Control  A newly launched UK-based service gives cash-conscious consumers greater control over their finances, by-passing the banks with their often hefty overdraft charges and fees.

The Speed-e-card (a prepaid MasterCard) and e-bank account, gives the consumer many of the benefits of a traditional bank account and debit card – but with no interest charges or late fees – and no credit checks:

  • The card can be used online or in shops, just like a normal credit or debit card, including abroad, meaning no more worries about having to change up Travellers Cheques.
  • Once you have loaded funds into your speed-e-card account, you can then use the card to access this balance from either ATMs, or to make payments Online, via the free e-bank account and even set up standing orders from it, making it a viable alternative to running a traditional bank account.
  • Because consumers can only spend the money they have on their card, they should never go overdrawn, enabling greater control over their money and no nasty overdraft fees!
  • There is also the option to receive an SMS every time the prepaid card is used, so card-holders will know straight away if it is being used fraudulently.

Gary Miller-Cheevers from Speed-e-card says: “The Speed-e-card with its free e-bank account gives consumers greater control over their money, and the re-assurance that they will never pay charges and fees due to being overdrawn.

We believe that in these credit-crunching times and with lots of media coverage over unfair bank charges and hidden costs, this service provides a transparent and ethical way to manage your finances. Why give the money to the banks when you can spend it yourself!”

The Speed-e-card is also unique in that once it is activated, it can be loaded with a Speed-e-loans Payday Loan – a form of cash advance, which is repaid on your next payday.

For more detailed information, please visit the Speed-e-Card website

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